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    Working with Kendrick and the Epstein Group overall was a great experience. Kendrick was exceptionally responsive to our specific owner requests and marketing enhancement suggestions. He was “candid” with us when necessary, but always addressed our concerns. Kendrick is very client oriented in his business approach — a true pleasure to work with.

    Dear Mr. Beatty,

    We are writing to express our complete satisfaction with the brokerage services rendered by Steve Epstein and his team in connection with the sale of our formal townhouse at 1319 Danielson Road, Montecito, CA 93108.

    Jana and I first met Steve in 1998 through a mutual friend who is in the real estate industry. I had asked for a recommendation of a real estate professional to assist us in a possible purchase  of a residential property in the Santa Barbara/Montecito area. We met Steve and were immediately comfortable with him as our representative. Steve subsequently represented us in the purchase of the Danielson townhouse. Two years later, he represented us in the purchase of another residential property in Monetecito.

    All told, Steve has represented us in three separate real estate transactions over a span of 14 years. In each transaction, Steve has been the consummate professional. His goal is to always put the interests of his client first. We have the utmost respect for Steve, whose honesty and integrity is beyond reproach. He is a true real estate professional and a credit to Keller Williams.

    Very truly yours,

    Randall E. Greer

    Randall E. Greer

    Dear Mr. Beatty,

    Steve Epstein recently completed what I consider “The Sale of 2012”, and I wanted to pass oaths story anomy enthusiasm for Steve. My wife  and I owned the half acres parcel at 1712 Anacapa – which we planned to build our retirement home on. We subdivided it into three lots (no simple task), remolded the existing house, and installed utilities, with the intent of selling the house and one lot, and keeping the third lot for ourselves.

    Steve listed it and he performed his internet magic, held numerous open houses, showed it to may people, and wrote and acceptable offer in the house. This was no simple feat-the market was abysmal, the buyers were taking a risk that the two un-built houses beyond them would be of a high quality, that construction wouldn’t ruin their peace and quiet for years, etc. etc.

    Those questions took their toll, and we lost several strong buyers even though Steve held each potential buyer’s hand, took them patiently through the process, assured them (to the extent it was possible) that Rich and Gail were savvy developers, and that it would be a first class project. However, the the bank refused to cooperate, saying they weren’t going to let us see the house as they believed the lots did not retain sufficient value to cover their loan. This despite our known goal of buying one of the lots, and out long term reputation in Santa Barbara.

    Steve and I worked on the bank, trying to find someone within the organization who would take even the slightest risk and believe in us – but there were none. Meanwhile Steve found 3, maybe 4 more buyers who went through the process, only to have the sale turned down by an uptight bank.

    Despite a terrible market, difficult property and cautious bank, Steve kept the house open on Sundays, re-advertised it, we adjusted the price – it was just a bad time in the market. Finally, Steve was able to convince our bank to accept a very well qualified buyer, and went through all the docs, processes and approvals necessary for that to happen – what a waste of everyones time.

    Steve never missed an appointment, never lost patience, had every document in order at every document in order at every moment, and stuck with it till the end. He is a delight to work with, has a great sense of humor, and  one part I particular like, he is very smart, and “gets it” quickly –  no B.S, no stories, just hard work and creative thinking.

    I recommend him without hesitancy, will tell any potential clients the same, and am thankful he was there for what must have been a decade.


    Rich Untermann

    My compliments to Steve Epstein

    Iam so grateful for all your help and expertise you provided in the purchase of my home here in Santa Barbara.

    Prior to the purchase I expected the only thing I would find here in SB that I could afford, would be a foreclosure. With the many nuances and issues that come with a foreclosure. With the many nuances and issues that come with a foreclosure, I chose to work with you because of your extensive experience in the market. I know at time I was very frustrated with my situation and the market and probably directed come of that frustration toward you. I am thankful your shoulders were brood enough to keep me grounded and focused. It is funny that the house I purchased was not a foreclosure.

    Although I was familiar with real estate in NJ, I found here in California, things are done quite differently. What I appreciated the most was how you navigated my way through the purchasing process, kept me calm when waves of doubt hit and kept me focused on the prize of being a happy home owner again. In addition, following the purchase and still today, you have been sn invaluable resource for names of contractors, services and goods here in Santa Barbara.

    So thank you Steve and may 2013 bring you peace, happiness and prosperity

    Warmest Regard,


    Dear Steve and his team,

    A huge thanks for the outstanding professional job you did selling our property in Santa Barbara. There were many unique circumstances that required sensitivity  and dexterity on your part and you never let us down. From arranging repairs, painting and cleaning to recommending the best way to show the property, you efforts to move forward for what we hoped to be a quick sale were right on the target.

    The fact that we wanted to close in approximately 30 days, especially during the Holidays, seemed like a long shot at the start. You did it! You would have our recommendation to anyone we know would be looking to buy or sell property in your area.

    I am extremely happy that you were referred to me by my sister, Kerri Ricci. She and her husband are investors and ALC members in the Cherry Hill Market Center in Cherry Hill, NJ. I have always been impressed by the “Keller Williams Way” I have seen exhibited by her and her top performing team. Obviously the “can do” attitude is company wide. I am a fan!

    Many thanks and best wished for a wonderful New year!


    Patricia Ryan

    Dear Steve:

    There is no question that today’s real estate market is a different world from just a few years ago. Many of us buyers are capable and interested in doing our own research and touring. What we still need, though, is what Steve Epstein brings to the table: familiarity with the local agents’ listing and their philosophies, knowledge of local history, building techniques, and microclimates, negotiating skills and a ‘get it done’ attitude. for us, that meant getting the home that was right got us, at a good value and a aggressive price. And that is why we of to Steve.


    Brooke and Val Williams

    Thanks Steve!

    Recently my husband & I found ourselves in sudden need of a realtor in Santa Barbara. My Mother has moved into assisted living and we has one week to come from New Mexico sf dispose of her house, including most contents. We inquired of a friend of ours in Santa Barbara, someone whom we trust and has made very responsible moves in real estate. He recommended Steve Epstein with raving reviews. I contacted Steve as soon as we reached town. He immediately came over to the house. We were in the throes of digging through 30 years of “stuff” (really makes you want to go home and throw out some “stuff”) Steve was an invaluable help with information. He immediately  sent CMA information so that I could make an informed decision  on listing price,  he even volunteered the use of his computers at the office I needed. I had many needs, some related to the property and some seeking help locating other professionals needed in regards to my mothers estate.

    We had many what if questions about the house, Steve provided excellent feedback about the varied possibilities, allowing us to make more informed decisions. After we left town to return home, Steve Handled scheduling our inspections and any other “on-site” needs. In the end, the house sold quickly and thanks to Steve at the price we were looking for.

    Without Steve Epstein, we could never have pulled off successfully dealing with my mother’s estate in one week. The information and guidance he provided was priceless. He is extremely knowledgeable about real estate  and the associated needs of seller and has a great way with customers. Very professional and yet relaxed, we were confident and comfortable with Steve at all times. We highly recommend Steve Epstein.


    Dale & Michelle Escobar

    Chama, NM

    Mr. Parker Beatty

    I want to sincerely thank Keller Williams, and most especially Steve Epstein, for the efficient sale of our home at 3328 Calle Fresno. As you know, this house was due to foreclose two weeks before I listed it with Keller Williams/Steve Epstein. Steve worked with speed and diligence. He managed to turn the foreclosure around in record time and complete the sale within a very short period, Steve was able to secure a buyer in less than a day.

    Due to the nature of a trust sale as well the imminent foreclosure, this property needed someone who could deal with bank as well as prospective buyers. Steve organized showings, inspections, and bank communication with incredible efficiency. He is professional and effective.

    Kudos, hats off and mariachis to Keller Williams and Steve Epstein! Parker and Steve encouraged me to list the home on behalf of my children in spite of legal counsel to the contrary. This trust was was against most odds but we did it and did it well! I would recommend Steve and his team to anyone.

    Most Appreciatively,

    Karen Guiffre

    Hi Parker

    I would highly recommend, without any reservation whatsoever, the services of Steve Epstein for the sale of your home.

    It’s not something you do everyday, and even if you have done it a few times, its still a daunting undertaking and his professional, yet friendly manner puts immediately at ease with the whole process.

    The first thing Steve did for me was advise me to raise my asking price which I had calculated based on what had been doing on in the market for the past year. He said I needed to look ahead, not backwards. I raised my price and got it. My house sold in 3 days. I know this is not necessarily going on in the marketplace

    He held my hand through the whole process, keeping me informed and bringing the process to me so I didn’t have to run all over town to process the paperwork.

    He was there through the inspection with advice that I feel saved me money. All in all, the whole process went very smoothly and I am very grateful to him and his whole team.

    Thank you, Steve, for  everything.

    Nickie Crandall

    To Whom it May Concern

    Steve and his team provide the very best market knowledge attention to detail, consistent follow-up and professional, yet friendly, service. During my recent home sale, there were more that the usual details to manage; Steve’s experienced transaction management strategy netted a multiple-offer, over-asking and hassle-free close.  Above all, communication with Steve and his team was frequent and detailed and questions were answered to my satisfaction every time. The bottom line, you can trust Steve to serve you in ways that exceed your expectations. Thanks Steve.

    Big thanks for your efforts on your behalf,


    Hi Steve,
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